Friday 5-26

  • I understand the events that took place during the Revolutionary War in American history.
  • I can continue to work on my magazine project.

*Due to the Ordway trip on Tuesday and field day on Wednesday, students will not have very much time to work on their magazine projects next week in school. If they need additional time, they should be working on their projects at home. The projects are looking great!

Today, students read chapter 13 in their History Alive textbooks all about the Revolutionary War. Students also completed a brief assessment.

Have a wonderful long weekend!


Wednesday 3-8

Learning Target:

I can understand the important parts about chapter 7 from Esperanza Rising and the challenges that Esperanza faced.

Today, students began class by reflecting on chapter 7. Students then took a quiz on chapter 7 on comprehension. Students also received Greek and Latin Roots homework that you can find here: Greek and Latin Root HM 1

Students also visited the media center today and learned about Fake News and how to spot it.



Student Website

Students were asking for Allison’s website after her presentation today on autism awareness, so here it is!

Students did such a great job with their service learning presentations today, and each day that we have had presentations so far. Each day that we have had presentations I leave school feeling inspired by the wonderful projects. Thank you!

A big thank you to parents who have been able to visit class during presentations, especially with all of the schedule changes!


Hello everyone!

We are in the middle of a very exciting week!  Here is what we have been up to.

Monday: Media center

Tuesday: Second Step-Lesson 13 alcohol and inhalant awareness

*homework- parent signature on assignment

Wednesday: Study hall and field day

Thursday: service learning presentations (1st period and 4th periods are switched)

Friday: CNN student news, freewrite

May 16-May 20

Monday: student survey in class

Tuesday: gratefulness reflection, CNN student news

Wednesday: service learning presentation day

Thursday: students visit media center

Friday: notebook check

May 9- May 13

What a wonderful, rainy week to be in school!

Monday: Mass communications lesson in the media center with Gretchen

Tuesday: Mass communications lesson studying cereal boxes and the marketing involved in creating the boxes

Wednesday: Service learning presentations continue in the classroom

Thursday: Silent reading and a freewrite about the power of gratitude

We watched this Ted Talk to prompt our discussion.

Friday: Second Step lesson