Student Website

Students were asking for Allison’s website after her presentation today on autism awareness, so here it is!

Students did such a great job with their service learning presentations today, and each day that we have had presentations so far. Each day that we have had presentations I leave school feeling inspired by the wonderful projects. Thank you!

A big thank you to parents who have been able to visit class during presentations, especially with all of the schedule changes!


Hello everyone!

We are in the middle of a very exciting week!  Here is what we have been up to.

Monday: Media center

Tuesday: Second Step-Lesson 13 alcohol and inhalant awareness

*homework- parent signature on assignment

Wednesday: Study hall and field day

Thursday: service learning presentations (1st period and 4th periods are switched)

Friday: CNN student news, freewrite

May 16-May 20

Monday: student survey in class

Tuesday: gratefulness reflection, CNN student news

Wednesday: service learning presentation day

Thursday: students visit media center

Friday: notebook check

May 9- May 13

What a wonderful, rainy week to be in school!

Monday: Mass communications lesson in the media center with Gretchen

Tuesday: Mass communications lesson studying cereal boxes and the marketing involved in creating the boxes

Wednesday: Service learning presentations continue in the classroom

Thursday: Silent reading and a freewrite about the power of gratitude

We watched this Ted Talk to prompt our discussion.

Friday: Second Step lesson



May 2nd-6th


Monday: All About Service Learning: We discussed questions, concerns, and how exactly to put together the presentation. There are many details from earlier in the year about Service Learning right here on the website!

Tuesday: CNN Student News; Freewrite

Wednesday: (Adjusted Schedule) Service Learning presentations

Thursday: Media Center

Friday: Various Speakers visiting classes as a part of Service Learning projects